OurCalling Impact Report

Letter From Our Founder

While preparing this report, I felt my heart sink as the data started coming together- 500% growth in Dallas’ unsheltered homeless population in just six years! I asked myself, “How is this possible?” The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is growing faster than any other metroplex in the country, and our low-income housing inventory is disappearing. Area shelters have been at max capacity for years with plans of future construction for the homeless community delayed by arguments over “where to build it.” COVID-19 has expanded the problem leading more senior citizens and families with children into homelessness. It seems there is no hope in sight as the population continues to grow at an alarming rate.

And then I am reminded of the words of our Savior: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” But He doesn’t stop there. Jesus then said, “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.” I began praying to the Lord of the harvest for more people like you, laborers of His harvest.

And the Lord delivered laborers. OurCalling has grown immensely this year. We doubled the number of female Care Ministers and Search and Rescue teams to match the growing homeless population. Churches, companies, and individuals dedicated 11,424 volunteer hours at our facility. Supporters heard our pleas when we served the homeless during the winter freeze and delivered thousands of pounds of food, manpower, and blankets.

Twelve years ago we transformed the model of a sandwich and a prayer into a strategic mission that is making a big impact on thousands of lives. Not only do we connect friends to the Lord, but we also connect them to housing, shelter, medical and mental health services, long-term treatment, and daily survival needs in a Christ-centered community. Our intensive outreach- both in-facility and throughout the city streets touches 10,000 lives each year. We start with personal relationships, connecting our new friends horizontally to professional services and God’s people, while watching them connect vertically to the Lord.

This report is a summary of this past year. We want you to see your full impact, and we want you to see how every dollar given, every hour served, and every prayer lifted contributes to a great harvest. Our success in 2021 gives us confidence that we can offer Dallas a better way- one that cares for our homeless neighbors and empowers them to live a healthy and successful life off the streets. After you read this report, please take time to ask God how you can continue to be used to make an impact.

Wayne Walker
CEO & Pastor

Homelessness at a Glance

10,000 Individuals

On any given night in Dallas 10,000 individuals are unsheltered and have to sleep outside, under bridges or in their cars.


The growth rate of unsheltered homelessness in Dallas is greater than in New York City and Los Angeles.


Being homeless at 57 is like being 72 and living at home


Average number of people who become homeless in Dallas every week


Increase in the unsheltered homeless over the last 5 years


of homeless individuals are women


are veterans


Our calling is to glorify God by leading people to Christ and by making disciples on the street.
At our facility and on the streets we exemplify the love of Christ by providing:
• Care with dignity
• Community with integrity
• Connection with intentionality



Individuals we’ve helped off the streets this year


Locations our Search and Rescue teams visited in 2021


Resources we’ve given out


Growth in our mobile app usage this year


Hotline calls received


Rapid COVID-19 tests distributed


Copies of our directory circulated in 2021 through partnering with churches, Dallas police, hospitals, prisons and individuals



The Convention Center.

In February, North Texas was hit with a winter storm that brought an unexpected amount of snow, ice and power outages that the state was not prepared for. With the City of Dallas’ support, OurCalling took over the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and set up a 24 hour warming center equipped with cots, entertainment, three meals per day, blankets, and pillows. We expected to welcome 300 homeless individuals to the center, but after staying open for eight days, we welcomed over 1,300 unsheltered families, individuals, and many who were elderly. All who entered the center were rapid tested for COVID-19. We relocated our entire staff, reproduced many of our services, built relationships, and offered long-term solutions to getting people off the streets.

The entire country came together to support OurCalling during this time. You helped provide the funds, resources, and prayer to empower us to serve our unsheltered friends during the freeze.


We are excited to share that this fall, OurCalling launched a Diversion team. Diversion is an intervention designed to address the needs of someone who has become homeless. The Diversion team supplements what our Care Ministers have been doing and locates agencies around the country to help place our homeless neighbors into the best programs based on their needs. Some of these solutions include substance abuse, detox, dual diagnosis, domestic violence centers, VA programs, discipleship, family reunification, senior living, and housing.

Not every program meets each individual’s needs. Therefore, our Diversion team calls, vets and physically visits all programs to make sure they are successful and safe.

Not only have diversion programs proven to be nationally successful, they are also cost efficient. The City of Dallas spends about $9,979 per unsheltered individual every year. It costs OurCalling between $500-1,000 to divert a person out of homelessness and into a sustainable, long-term program.

Your support to OurCalling will help homeless individuals get off the streets by placing them into the appropriate programs to address the issues that keep them on the streets.


John’s Story

It’s estimated that 50% of individuals experiencing homelessness will not be able to get off of the streets without significant intervention. OurCalling saw this statistic in action recently when we met John.

John spent the last of his money on a large can of beer. He wanted to do what he had done for years, drink his pain away, but couldn’t quite bring himself to open the can.

After losing his mother recently, John ran out of money, and his addiction to alcohol came to a head. He quickly found himself living on the street in front of an abandoned shopping center. With his unopened can in hand, John started crying. He begged God to send someone to find him.

Soon after, OurCalling’s Search and Rescue team found John and spent time getting to know his story. We prayed for John and offered him an opportunity off the street. After some time, we helped place John in a year- long addiction recovery program to receive the help he desperately needs.

When our Search and Rescue team called John’s sister to update her on his whereabouts, she started crying and said, “Thank you so much! My mother would be so grateful. She always wanted him to meet people who could introduce him to Christ.”


Justin’s Story

Justin has been a friend of OurCalling’s for over 6 years. Justin is deaf and has other cognitive challenges that affect his ability to understand sign language and read. Because of these barriers, it’s difficult for Justin to communicate- even with ASL interpreters.

OurCalling has been by Justin’s side for years. One of our meeting rooms is equipped with a program for Justin and other deaf homeless individuals. It has been a great source for him to communicate with interpreters and his caseworkers. OurCalling’s Care Ministers worked with him on paperwork and escorted him to the hospital to meet his newborn daughter, where he and his girlfriend made the selfless decision to have a family adopt their daughter. OurCalling helps Justin maintain a relationship with the family and adoptive agency. We are also working on a visitation plan so that he can see his eighteen month old daughter.

In the last couple years, Justin’s health has declined, and he is experiencing kidney failure. He is one of many individuals who needs special care, with significant barriers. Other agencies, including the city, rely on us for unique individuals who can’t “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.”

The majority of the people we serve have impossible challenges and are in desperate need of the Body of Christ to respond. Currently, Justin is receiving the care that he needs in a specialized nursing home.


Zachariah’s Story

OurCalling has known Zachariah since 2017, and based on our records we had over 225 interactions with him. During this time, Zachariah would attend Bible study and recovery classes, and received meals, showers and resources. He also enjoyed sitting with our male Care Ministers to gain spiritual guidance and discuss passages in the Bible. One of our Care Ministers noted that Zachariah was an, “educated man with unrealized potential,” and dedicated himself to showing Zachariah that he was capable of getting off the street and being successful.

This year, Zachariah finally realized he was “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and was ready to make a life change.

In some instances, OurCalling will provide people with a bus pass to another city or state if they can show that they have set up a stable housing situation and community. We gave Zachariah a bus pass to Washington, DC where he had plans to live with his brother and near his children.

Zachariah called OurCalling a month after arriving in DC to tell us that he is safe and doing well. He said he is forever grateful to OurCalling for “never giving up on him.”

Each of these stories is an example of what your gift of financial support does to help homeless individuals experience the love of God and move beyond the streets.



In August of this year, OurCalling purchased 280 acres of land outside of Dallas County to fulfill our dream of building a community for our most vulnerable and elderly homeless friends.

This will be a tiny home community that will operate much like our Dallas facility with a wealth of wrap-around services available to its live-in residents. These services include full food service, medical and mental health treatment, counseling, discipleship, and a community planner. The goal of this particular neighborhood will be to allow homeless individuals to age with dignity.

Phase I of OurCommunity has begun with a $20 million capital campaign which will include building out underground and above ground infrastructure, facilities for future wrap around services and our first 50 tiny homes. Additional phases will grow to 500 units.

As an organization that operates debt free, we will not build until funds are secured. If you, your church, or business are interested in partnering in creating this transformative community, please reach out to development@ourcalling.org or call 214-444-8796 x3.

Software as a Solution.

You don’t have to spend much time at OurCalling to know that one of the things that makes us unique is the way we utilize and create technology. Over the years we have continued to retool and build upon our software, with an end goal of creating “Software as a Solution.” Our technology is now being used across the country and has grown by 420%, delivering 60,865 referrals to those in need every single day. At the same time, we are receiving calls from homeless service providers, hospitals, cities, and first responders, looking to utilize our software on a local level.

You can partner with us in our efforts to use technology to minister to the homeless community across the country.


Get Involved.

Want to get involved? Here’s how:


Join our Search and Rescue teams, prep and serve meals, sort donations and work at our welcome desk. For more details and to sign up, visit ourcalling.org/volunteer.



Use the remittance envelope affixed in this impact report or visit ourcalling.org/give.



Add OurCalling to your will or estate plan. Contact the development team on how to do this,

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Help OurCalling by using our app to identify homeless individuals and encampments. The app can also use your location to identify local homeless agencies. Download the OurCalling app on all app platforms.


Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching OurCalling. Follow us, and share our posts with your community.


Pray that our homeless neighbors receive the support and resources they need to live a healthy life off the streets.

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