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While preparing this report, I felt my heart sink as the data started coming together—500% growth in Dallas’ unsheltered homeless population in just five years! I asked myself, “How is this possible?” The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is growing faster than any other metroplex in the country, and our low-income housing inventory is disappearing. Area shelters have been at max capacity for years with plans of future construction for the homeless community delayed by arguments over “where to build it.” It seems there is no hope in sight as the population continues to grow at an alarming rate.

And then I remembered the words of our Savior: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” But He doesn’t stop there. Jesus then said, “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” My heart lept and I began praying to the Lord of the harvest for more people like you, laborers of His harvest.

Ten years ago we transformed the model of a sandwich and a prayer into a strategic mission that is making a big impact on thousands of lives. Not only do we connect friends to the Lord, but we also connect them to housing, shelter, medical and mental health services, long-term treatment, and daily survival needs in a Christ-centered community. Our intensive outreach — both in-facility and throughout the city streets — touches 10,000 lives each year.

We provide a place for those in the deep isolation of unsheltered homelessness to connect to people who care. Churches and individuals, businesses and small groups, families and students, and a collaboration of strategic service partners all come together for a singular purpose: to love our neighbors as ourselves. We start with personal relationships, connecting our new friends horizontally to professional services and God’s people, while watching them connect vertically to the Lord.

This report is a summary of this past year. We provide this because you need to see your full impact, and we want you to see how every dollar given, every hour served, and every prayer lifted contributes to a great harvest. This “impact report” is a celebration of much that has happened this past year. We pause to rejoice but we know that the work is far from over. After you read this

Wayne Walker Pastor and Executive Director

We identify on average 301 new individuals experiencing homelessness each month.

Since COVID started, we have expanded resource based activities. In 2020 we have served 3,612 new guests.


Increase in unsheltered homelessness over the past 6 years



We saw a drastic 80% decrease in food donations this year



We have seen a 40% increase in meal service from an average 8,143 to 11,404 meals per month



55 is the average age of the people we provided services for


32% of the guests we serve are woman
location (3)


Usage of our mobile app grew by 2,218% from April to October

OurCalling App Search Locations
These are places where people are using our app to find shelter, food, housing and more.

Ministry Through Innovation

Our app delivered 34,024

Search results in Dallas per day.

Veterans Hotline the most commonly used hotline in the app.

Housing, Shelter and Food are the top three needs
people are searching for.

Our mobile app features a database of local service providers.

Users can access homeless shelters, domestic violence centers, addiction recovery services, meals, churches, and carious life skill training opportunities across the entire U.S. This is an essential tool for people experiencing homelessness and those that want to help them.

Our Street Outreach visited over 1,056 locations in 2020.

Our Search & Rescue teams pursue unsheltered homeless people under bridges, in the woods, behind liquor stores, in drug houses, and within abandoned buildings all over Dallas County. We have visited thousands of remote encampments over the last several years.

Thanks to our passionate network of volunteers and partners, we are facilitating spiritual and physical changes that are transforming lives.

We’ve circulated over 159,000 copies of our Directory

Our printed Directory provides the opportunity for anyone in Dallas to offer meaningful assistance to individuals they encounter on the streets. This resource is the frst of its kind in Dallas County. Families, churches, hospitals, law enforcement, libraries, businesses, and partner organizations all use the OurCalling Directory to aid their homeless neighbors. To order copies of the Directory visit: www.ourcalling.org/directory

Equipping For Life

In an environment uniquely created for personal relationships, we equip our homeless friends to know God’s Word, experience healthy community, and develop strong relational skills to flourish within a community. Since healing is a process that occurs over time, we provide daily access to recovery opportunities.

In 2020...

80% decrease in food donations

73.3% decrease in volunteer hours

88.5% decrease in volunteers

We gave 61,207 Resources

  • We served...

    117,282 Meals
  • We responded to...

    1,056 Street Outreach requests
  • We received...

    15,104 Hotline Calls

Funding Sources

Our Mission Statement

OurCalling is to glorify God by leading people to Christ and by making disciples on the streets.

OurCalling is annually audited, GuideStar Platinum, accredited by the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, and trusted by over 100 churches.

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